As COVID-19 yet again threatens to close our Shuls and Yeshivos, Shas Hadchak is launching its fourth round fighting back with the best weapon Klal Yisroel has, Torah.

Only through showing how dear the Torah is to us can we hope to celebrate Simchas Torah as a Tzibur.

Please reserve your Daf and together we can finish Shas!


Maran Sar Hatorah Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlit’a

had a slight increase in temperature today due to his recent corona illness,

and has advised Beni Torah to learn Maseches Brachos as a zechus for his Refuah Sheleimah.

PLease choose a Daf in Brachos or any Daf in Shas 

as a Zechus For Reb Shmaryahu Yosef Chaim Ben Pesha Miriam

May we only share Besuros Tovos!

Let us show Hashem how much we cherish His Torah.

Socially Distanced Spiritually United.

Sparked by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, the Shas Hadchak non-profit initiative was founded to unite כלל ישראל in learning by joining together to complete the entire ש”ס in one day as a zechus for others!

Please join and become a part of this worldwide learning movement.

Together, we can spread Torah learning and gain tremendous Zechuyos for all those in need.

Endorsements from our recent Learning programs below

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

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Rabbi Fischel Schachter

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