The recent tragic events in Meron on Lag Baomer are still so fresh in our minds and hearts.

45 Yidden killed and over 150 injured, families lives changed forever. We are in shock, and still reeling. 

In the face of tragedy, Klal Yisrael becomes stronger by utilizing that which unites us all –

Torah learning. 

The Agudas Israel of America partnering with The Shas Hadchak Learning Initiative invites you to partake in the World Wide Completion of Shas, in time for the Sheloshim of the Meron Victims.

The awesome power of thousands of Torah learners, uniting and completing the Entire Shas together will be a tremendous source of elevation for their Neshamos.

כדאי הוא רבי שמעון לסמוך עליו ”בשעת הדחק”

 Join today and make a difference.

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